Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Letter Found Near The End

Dear Them,

In the beginning, we believed the fairy tales, the myths, the legends. We took all of the stories, processed them, embraced them, and savored them as Truth. This was in the days when The Light seemed to go on forever, when the sun stood overhead as a silent sentry watching over us and protecting us from the darkness on the edges of our enchanted places. Those were the days when we did not know any better.

But those days ended (as we always knew they must), and we were cast outwards into the unknown, to places where not even moonlight could break through to light the shadows in the underbrush all around, where unseen things crept ever closer. We jumped at the sound of breaking branches and shuffling leaves. We turned in circles, blind. We entered the night without dreams where stark reality ruled and cast away our visions and pleasantries, where nightmares replaced dreams, and horrors replaced fantasies.

We learned of murder, rape, and thievery. We committed necessary acts hoping to survive in this new world, the real world, where we never smiled. We missed those days of before when this present was the only thing we were incapable of imagining.

We despaired over the loss of daylight, the lack of kindness and happy endings. That was what led us here into this place beyond the fringe, to the land where stories are never told, and where books are used as kindling.

Our legends faded. The myths dissolved like vapors. The stories … We missed them. Once forgotten, we buried them in the mulch. Worms ate them, and we tasted rot in the air. We found it a sweet stench: earthy, real.

In the end, we lay down with our fading stories as our memories drowned. We fell down onto a mound of water-stained pages and inkblots. We closed our eyes and went to sleep, knowing that our sleep would be dreamless.

We stared upwards, watching, as clouds hid constellations whose names we could no longer remember.

And when The End came, we embraced it.




  1. A sort of reverse genesis. Very cool. Loved this: We fell down onto a mound of water-stained pages and inkblots. Peace...

  2. Are you chanelling The Road and Farenheit 451?


    Nicely done, lovey. As always.

  3. Like bogwitch64, said: "As always."

    I don't know how you consistently do it. Can I have your brain please? Don't worry, I'll give it back once I've dissected it and procured the secrets of your peculiar creative mind.

  4. Thanks, Linda! I'm kind of partial to that line, too.

    Terri-Lynne - Thank you! Both of those books inspired me in their own ways, but really this was ultimately more of a meditation on the loss of innocence.

    Travis -- Thanks, man! :)

  5. Gorgeous writing. I like how you executed this as a letter. Particularly effective, I think.